We're working hard to bring you AI that's painless and useful!

Paper Tiger:
one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous but inwardly weak or ineffectual.
a mechanism that is relatively self-operating.

AI is IoT - The Internet of Things waters your garden, maintains your aqaurium, manages your swimming pool, cleans the oven & augments your security. AI analyzes your data and helps you produce award winning tomatoes or sunflowers, reduces your maintence & operating costs though usage analysis, & it frees you to enjoy the things you have.

AI doesn't have to be scary or invasive. AI is simply an extention of human capabilities at the speed of computers. You control what data it works with and how it works with that data. AI has been around for decades in industrial spaces. That's why Paper Tiger Automatons is entirely Open Source - you can modify or extend it to meet your needs without any restrictions.

Now, as component costs decrease and commodity part availablity increases, AI has become available for the consumer. And we're not just talking about AI, but also remote managment and access to your physical spaces.

Behold: The Future!

We're not stopping with just these ideas, though. Our goal is to bring out everything possible to inform and automate your things.